Saturday, March 24, 2012

60's Spring Girls

I'm kind of obssessed with the 60's. 

Just listen:

I don't know about you, but I find the falsetto is so very attractive.

Also:  Books/Movies about the 60's!

I read The Help a little before the movie came out, and I could see why someone would want to make a film out of it - Great storyline!  Unforgettable characters!  Awesome writing!  I also read The Secret Life of Bees (it's been made into a movie too), which pretty much takes place in the exact same time period as The Help did.  A reeeeally moving book about mothers and daughters.  Both deal with racial issues and tensions during the 60's.  I recommend for you guys to read these two books!
So here are some 60's inspired looks that I've compiled that are influenced by both the movies and the books..ENJOY! 


Skeeter of "The Help" Inspired
Blouse - Cotton On, Shorts - Mango, Sunglasses - Fred Flare, Black leather belt - Jane NormanTo Kill a Mockingbird - go to a bookstore! 

Yay for the bookish Skeeter!  She's all about nude and earthy colors.  Don't forget your favorite novel and cute cat eye sunglasses as you roam about town!

Celia Foote Inspired

Blouse - Modcloth, Romper - H&M, Heels - Zappos , Earrings - Debenhams, Lipstick - Armani Beauty

Who doesn't love the rambunctious Celia?  Even though she spends her time all alone in her huge mansion, her style never falters!  Loud colors, a fun romper, and killer heels help channel your inner Celia (and her muse Marilyn Monroe).

May Boatwright Inspired
Printed top - Dorothy Perkins, Skirt - Ruche, Moustache watch - ASOS, Bumblebee Ring - Republic, Fox pin - Hannah Zakari, Plane pin - Hannah Zakari, Scarf - Tommy, Bow hairclip - American Apparel, Hair pins - Marc Jacobs, Shoes - Keds

No matter her age, May Boatwright is a child at heart.  Her wacky nature should only be reflected by her fashion sense, right!?  Quirky accessories (the fun pins are so cute!) and eclectic print mixing (as seen in the movie) are key to her inspiration.  Don't forget to wear braids too!


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  1. i love everything 60s!
    especially the help. it's such a good film :)

    Rosie Say Relax