Friday, March 23, 2012

Odd Food Pairings

The wonderful thing about good food is how so many different tastes and textures leave the same feeling in your mouth: the feeling of satisfaction that you just ate something AMAZING.

This feeling is even more intensified when the you get the surprise of eating two foods that don't seem like they should go together, actually DO go together.  So here are some of my more flavorful experiences..And comment if you have your own pairing that you want to share with a fellow foodie! :)

1) Mac and Cheese + Salsa

This combo derived from the Sammy Keyes series.  So when I tried it for lunch one day during 5th grade, I was definitely pleased.  The sour/spicy/fresh salsa made a great counterbalance to the hearty and warm macaroni and cheese.

2) Spicy Hot Cheetos + Grapes

One day at a Girl Scouts meeting, we had Spicy Hot Cheetos for snacks.  I grabbed a bunch of the deliciously maroon-powdered morcels from the bowl.  As I munched, I realized my wimpiness had struck again; I could not tolerate the heat!  To relieve my stress of the spiciness, I reached for the plumpy purple grapes.  Not only did they do the job, they also added nice tangy sweetness and a juicy punch to the crunchy spicy Cheetos.  I ate, one or two Spicy Hot Cheetos, and then a single grape.  And then the process of alternating between the two began again.  AND SO, this delicious pairing was born.

3) Potato Chips + Burgers

Not as creative as the other pairings might be, this is probably the combo the least experimental foodie would lean to.  Insert the chips inside the burger, et voilĂ !  A perfect crunch to your otherwise texture-boring burger.

4) Lemons + Barbeque Sauce

Credits to my sis for discovering this pair at a restaurant at Yosemite when we were bored.  Sounds kind of disgusting..but when you actually eat it, it is a culinary match made in heaven!  The acidity of a sour, puckery lemon is lowered when you drizzle a sweet and smokey BBQ sauce!  It's SO yummy to suck on a wedge that's dipped in a tangy and savory sauce!

5) French Fries + Milkshakes

Swirl your savory, chewy/crunchy (whichever you prefer) french fries into a creamy milkshake.  Bring the treat to your mouth.  Chew.  Swallow.  You have just gone through a spiritual awakening.


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