Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holiday Cheer

Sorry for being lazy. School and sports and life, ya know.  Anyway, here are some holiday shenanigans.  Apologies for the overdue Halloween stuff.


My full playlist has 32 tracks.  Haha.

source: http://instagram.com/p/SRer5xgRHa/

Hannah Hooper.  Stop being such a goddess.


T-giving plate from last year!

The amazing Vihart with Math-ed Potatoes

Bottom line:  Food.


Watch some Homestarrunner Decemberween videos.  If you haven't heard of that website at all, WHATAREYOUEVEN?!

Be like Sunny aka Chabo the Wolf Baby from The Series of Unfortunate Events: The Carnivorous Carnival and make cinnamon hot chocolate.  Mmm.

Enjoy your Turkey Day!  Expect some fall/winter outfits coming to a blog near you (aka in yo face).


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Hair Post

Hair on your head, I mean..*cough*

Um, so, ANYWAY.  I'm just going to talk and post some stuff that is amazing and is hurr related.  In honor of the Emmys* earlier this week, let's just make this an award-type show, okay?  Okay.

The "Most Enviable Hair if I were a Man" Award:


Just look at that floppy mess.  So cute.  Especially when live.

The "New Hair Thingy that Looks Amazing and I Need to Try Now" Award:


It looks pretty and complicated, but even a person who sucks at hair stuff (me) can do this.  Here's a good video to ess'plain.

The "Most Desired Hair Accessory" Award:


In another universe, I would DIY this.  Unfortunate in this universe, I am too lazy.  But I'm working on it!!



Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hayao Miyazaki Movies

Note:  Talk about hiatus!  Sorry for not being very active.  School and stuff has taken over, but I am hoping I will have more opportunities to post more on this blog!

My life would seriously be incomplete without watching a movie made by Hayao Miyazaki. By combining cute, yet still artistically breathtaking animations with touching storylines that present serious struggles that are dealt with today, Miyazaki makes his movies relatable to people of ALL ages. To this day, I dream about living in a Hayao Miyazaki movie. I mean, come on. Who wouldn’t want to be the girlfriend of that drool-worthy wizard Howl? Or ride in a kick-ass catbus? Those are only a few of the many magical quirks that Miyazaki gives us in his ultra-girl power movies.

Here, I compiled some of Hayao’s movies that I’ve enjoyed and placed them into categories for the ultimate viewing pleasure!

For an instant heart-warmer:

My Neighbor Totoro (1988) - My childhood was literally watching, and watching, and watching this movie. A father and his two young daughters move to a creaky old house in the middle of rural Japan. The responsible Satsuki and the utterly adorable Mei explore their new home and surrounding forest, and have encounters with the cutest of creatures, including soot spirits, bunny-things that can howl and grow trees, and a freakin’ catbus

Ponyo (2008) - Alright, so this light-hearted Miyazaki movie is definitely geared towards the kiddies...But it’s great all the same! It’s a take on The Little Mermaid, except Brunhilde/Ponyo is around 3-5 years old, and so is her crush! Ponyo is extremely cute (both in fish form and human form), and the boy Sosuke has a haircut that I believe all little boys should have. And to make things even better, Ponyo’s dad is an effin sea wizard with long red locks and an amazing fashion sense! The colors of this film are also dreamy and vibrant, especially when it shows Ponyo and her family under the sea.

For an exciting adventure:

Castle in the Sky (1986) - A mysterious flying city, sky pirates, and airships!
This movie is pretty long, and often overlooked and underappreciated, but I implore you to watch this NOW! Oh man..The adventure! The mystery! The voice actors (James Van Der Beek!)! The music ! So. Good. If that didn’t convince you enough, may I introduce you to the lovely Dola?
She’s the amazing, gun-toting, kick-ass, fearless, spunky captain of the Sky Pirates (who also are her sons, and also extremely hilarious)! She’s like, the grandma I’ve always wanted!

Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) - One of my favorites. The heroine Sophie, who’s just an average Joe(sephine?), must find the witch who cursed her to reverse the spell (which is way more interesting than Sleeping Beauty’s and all the others’). Sophie tags along with a smart talkin’ fire, a lovable 7-ish year old boy, a scarecrow, and the ultra dreamy Howl who’s infatuated with his own looks (Who wouldn’t when you look like this?). Super awesome visuals, and the characters are so amazing and deep, that you immediately empathize with them! Granted, this story isn’t original, but after reading the book, all I could do was fantasize about this Academy Award nominated movie (hey, it lost to Wallace and Gromit, so it’s all good).

For a serious girl power punch:

Princess Mononoke (1997) - Arguably the best of Miyazaki, Princess Mononoke is an epic movie that seriously everyone needs to watch. Unlike most of these movies, the protagonist is a guy. BUT, San (also nicknamed Princess Mononoke) is such an awesome wolf warrior princess girl, that she pretty much steals the entire movie. The story’s moral is extremely pro-environment, and there’s an EPIC battle of humans vs. nature at the end. As always, the animation is flawless and captivating, notably when the main guy gets cursed by a demon boar and also in the aforementioned battle. Note: I was kind of creeped out by this movie as a child (I’m still a wimp, so this might not be saying much), so watch with tweenies or older.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984) - So I only watched this once, but I don’t have to see it again to recommend it to all you people. Quite a few elements in this movie are reflected in later Miyazaki films. Like Princess Mononoke, Miyazaki makes a huge point out of respecting and loving nature. And like Castle in the Sky, there’s a lot of flying machinery. But the plot itself is radically different. Nausicaä is peace-loving yet headstrong, and it is up to her and only her to save her post-apocalyptic world. The movie may be a little convoluted and it’s pretty dang long, so watch when you have time and can completely concentrate on it.

Spirited Away (2001) - This is probably the most watched Miyazaki movie of mine (I suppose this is indicates that this is my favorite?). The girl power embodied in this movie is different from and far more subtle that of the action-y Mononoke and Nausicaä; it is about the true compassion and dedication someone has for their loved ones. It’s a great bildungsroman - when we first meet 10 year old Chiriro, she is resentful of her parents’ decision to move away from the comfort of her old home and friends. On the way to their new house, a “shortcut” results in the Ogino family getting hopelessly lost as they stumble upon an abandoned bathhouse. But a sharp turn in events make Chihiro do whatever it takes to save her parents. The pureness and simpleness of Chihiro’s intentions combined with her bravery when faced with impossible tasks make us all absolutely fall in love with her. PLUS, Spirited Away unforgettable characters - a shady customer, a mysterious boy, and a vastly misproportioned and evil-ish witch to name a few (there are also plenty of adorable creatures similar to Totoro!) At the end of the film, we will see a new wiseness in Chihiro. We will realize that the little adventures Chihiro had will propel us to let our curiosity lead the way and explore the world and its mysteries for ourselves.

Honorable Mention:

The Cat Returns (2002) - Okay, so this isn’t a Miyazaki film (it’s by a different guy at Studio Ghibli), but it is worth throwing out there. A teenage girl who meets talking and walking cats and goes on an adventure to their world! That is all.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Feast Your Eyes #2: Painted People

Sorry for the hiatus!  I was just pretty tired this past week, despite it being Spring Break.  Just been juggling different sports and such.  When I heard that awesomeness that is Holi (COLOR FIGHTS!!), I have ever since been infatuated with paint and people.  Anyway, here's a couple of screenshots of pretty cool people with paint on! :)

First four are from Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" (feat. Kimbra) , next four are from Marina and the Diamonds' "I Am Not a Robot" , the next five are from Fun.'s "Walkin the Dog" , and the last five are also from "I Am Not a Robot".  All are great songs!!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

60's Spring Girls

I'm kind of obssessed with the 60's. 

Just listen:

I don't know about you, but I find the falsetto is so very attractive.

Also:  Books/Movies about the 60's!

I read The Help a little before the movie came out, and I could see why someone would want to make a film out of it - Great storyline!  Unforgettable characters!  Awesome writing!  I also read The Secret Life of Bees (it's been made into a movie too), which pretty much takes place in the exact same time period as The Help did.  A reeeeally moving book about mothers and daughters.  Both deal with racial issues and tensions during the 60's.  I recommend for you guys to read these two books!
So here are some 60's inspired looks that I've compiled that are influenced by both the movies and the books..ENJOY! 


Skeeter of "The Help" Inspired
Blouse - Cotton On, Shorts - Mango, Sunglasses - Fred Flare, Black leather belt - Jane NormanTo Kill a Mockingbird - go to a bookstore! 

Yay for the bookish Skeeter!  She's all about nude and earthy colors.  Don't forget your favorite novel and cute cat eye sunglasses as you roam about town!

Celia Foote Inspired

Blouse - Modcloth, Romper - H&M, Heels - Zappos , Earrings - Debenhams, Lipstick - Armani Beauty

Who doesn't love the rambunctious Celia?  Even though she spends her time all alone in her huge mansion, her style never falters!  Loud colors, a fun romper, and killer heels help channel your inner Celia (and her muse Marilyn Monroe).

May Boatwright Inspired
Printed top - Dorothy Perkins, Skirt - Ruche, Moustache watch - ASOS, Bumblebee Ring - Republic, Fox pin - Hannah Zakari, Plane pin - Hannah Zakari, Scarf - Tommy, Bow hairclip - American Apparel, Hair pins - Marc Jacobs, Shoes - Keds

No matter her age, May Boatwright is a child at heart.  Her wacky nature should only be reflected by her fashion sense, right!?  Quirky accessories (the fun pins are so cute!) and eclectic print mixing (as seen in the movie) are key to her inspiration.  Don't forget to wear braids too!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Odd Food Pairings

The wonderful thing about good food is how so many different tastes and textures leave the same feeling in your mouth: the feeling of satisfaction that you just ate something AMAZING.

This feeling is even more intensified when the you get the surprise of eating two foods that don't seem like they should go together, actually DO go together.  So here are some of my more flavorful experiences..And comment if you have your own pairing that you want to share with a fellow foodie! :)

1) Mac and Cheese + Salsa

This combo derived from the Sammy Keyes series.  So when I tried it for lunch one day during 5th grade, I was definitely pleased.  The sour/spicy/fresh salsa made a great counterbalance to the hearty and warm macaroni and cheese.

2) Spicy Hot Cheetos + Grapes

One day at a Girl Scouts meeting, we had Spicy Hot Cheetos for snacks.  I grabbed a bunch of the deliciously maroon-powdered morcels from the bowl.  As I munched, I realized my wimpiness had struck again; I could not tolerate the heat!  To relieve my stress of the spiciness, I reached for the plumpy purple grapes.  Not only did they do the job, they also added nice tangy sweetness and a juicy punch to the crunchy spicy Cheetos.  I ate, one or two Spicy Hot Cheetos, and then a single grape.  And then the process of alternating between the two began again.  AND SO, this delicious pairing was born.

3) Potato Chips + Burgers

Not as creative as the other pairings might be, this is probably the combo the least experimental foodie would lean to.  Insert the chips inside the burger, et voilà!  A perfect crunch to your otherwise texture-boring burger.

4) Lemons + Barbeque Sauce

Credits to my sis for discovering this pair at a restaurant at Yosemite when we were bored.  Sounds kind of disgusting..but when you actually eat it, it is a culinary match made in heaven!  The acidity of a sour, puckery lemon is lowered when you drizzle a sweet and smokey BBQ sauce!  It's SO yummy to suck on a wedge that's dipped in a tangy and savory sauce!

5) French Fries + Milkshakes

Swirl your savory, chewy/crunchy (whichever you prefer) french fries into a creamy milkshake.  Bring the treat to your mouth.  Chew.  Swallow.  You have just gone through a spiritual awakening.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Feast Your Eyes #1: Enchanted by Miyazaki

(Edit:  I decided to make this a weekly feature, where I post pics that relate to a theme that I have fancied for a while..I think this is called a picture roll?  Or something like that?  Yeah.)

Alright, so I wrote an article that I want to submit to Rookie, and I got sososo obsessed with the subject of the article during the process of writing it, I wanted to explore it a bit more on this blog.

So what did I write about?  The great Hayao Miyazaki!  If you haven't watched one of his movies, I urge you to start watching NOW!  While I wait for a reply from my submission, I'll post a few noteworthy shots from Miyazaki movies..It just so happens that quite a few of them have a springtime vibe!  Perfect!

PS:  If Rookie doesn't feature it, I'll just put it up here. Hah.

PPS:  I'll do a fashion post on the Miyazaki girls in the future...Perhaps if my article gets through Rookie?  Because that'll just be so COOL! C: