Sunday, March 18, 2012

Feast Your Eyes #1: Enchanted by Miyazaki

(Edit:  I decided to make this a weekly feature, where I post pics that relate to a theme that I have fancied for a while..I think this is called a picture roll?  Or something like that?  Yeah.)

Alright, so I wrote an article that I want to submit to Rookie, and I got sososo obsessed with the subject of the article during the process of writing it, I wanted to explore it a bit more on this blog.

So what did I write about?  The great Hayao Miyazaki!  If you haven't watched one of his movies, I urge you to start watching NOW!  While I wait for a reply from my submission, I'll post a few noteworthy shots from Miyazaki movies..It just so happens that quite a few of them have a springtime vibe!  Perfect!

PS:  If Rookie doesn't feature it, I'll just put it up here. Hah.

PPS:  I'll do a fashion post on the Miyazaki girls in the future...Perhaps if my article gets through Rookie?  Because that'll just be so COOL! C:



  1. Waahh...I love love love Miyazaki's films. Obsessed. I've only seen seven of his films but want to see more!

    The Quiet Spaces

    1. I reeeally want to see "The Secret World of Arietty" (his latest one)! And I also heard that "Graveyard of the Fireflies" is super good. :)